• The Colour of my Genes

    The Colour of my Genes brings together documentation of a pursuit for a harmonic relationship between comfort and fear. Culture, language, bodily expression, time, and identity are components that are located in an adaptation process which new rules are imposed to break habits from a past which the only things that remains are memories. The duality among color as a mood and genes as human existence forces the author to face the mirror not only as a reflection of beauty but as a tool to remember and produce.

    // Mixed-Media Installation, variable dimensions

  • As linhas que o meu corpo vinca

    1. Imagine that you are in a dance show and you are seeing a stage full of bodies in movement.

    2. Now remove the flow of each movement and all the emotions that the interpreters draw with their body.

    3. The stage seems empty without movement. All you can see is static bodies staring at empty points.

    As linhas que o meu corpo vinca challenges the creative process of a choreography. The use of technology to build still images and the reconstruction of a choreography shows a deep analysis of a dancer, performing without dance. A battle between body and silence which space and time are the only elements ticking.

    // Video Installation, HD, mp4, colour, loop, stereo

  • Positive Signal + Negative Math

    Positive Signal + Negative Math is an exploration of analog film through video bringing such components as performance, light and photography to develop a personal perspective about the polarities of the black and white and the positive and negative film.

    // Video Installation, HD, mp4, black & white, loop, stereo

  • Tear de Reflexos

    Tear de Reflexos is an audiovisual installation with 6 autobiographical projections. Conscious or unconsciously each of us carries emotional luggage (traumas, memories, experiences), which can be released, overcome or even that can crush us forever, preventing us from taking powerful steps, towards the future.

    // Video Installation, HD, mp4, colour, loop, stereo