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    Collect images and collect memories. If we stop a little bit to think about the time is an imaginary construction, an idea that allows us to know who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.

    This books that you are holding, preserves temporal images. The work of Fábio Carvalho tells us about the cross of different memories. We can see the images exposed on this book and we can feel, remember and associate personal experiences that are common to us as well. The lineage and the game of colours fused with the shape of memory/ images that this physical object (book) acquires a meaning. In Camera Lucida written by Roland Barthes, he talks about punctum and stadium. In this artist book, that expressions are “edited” and “extended” across the entire physical surface of this project.

    Narratives come to us while we leaf through, and you can smell and feel all these pages that escape from our hands and from the reality of our lives.

    // Text written by Rodrigo Gomes, 2017

    // Inkjet Printing, 69 pages, Size (closed): 9 x 13 cm, White paper 120gms, Coptic Binding

    // First Edition, January, 2018