• .jpg of a life in common

    An experimental book as connection of my private information from my internet navigations. What happens when you try to develop something based on the files that you keep in your computer?

    .jpg as an expression / .jpg as a diary / .jpg as a friend .jpg from my computer / .jpg from heart / .jpg from my days / .jpg from my generation / .jpg from photoshop / .jpg in pixels / .jpg telling my life / .jpg compressed / .jpg of an archive / .jpg from my camera / .jpg as stills of my favourite movies / .jpg of his life / .jpg of my family / .jpg of my friends / .jpg from internet / .jpg from google / .jpg from you / . jpg of a life in common

    // Inkjet Printing, 102 pages, Size (closed): 12 x 18 cm, White paper 160gms and Coloured paper 80gms, Coptic Binding

    // Second Edition of 10 copies (2 copies of each colour: yellow, red, green, purple and orange), October, 2018