Fábio de Carvalho is a mixed-media artist. In his works, Fábio exposes himself rising impressions of a past tense from his private world that keeps undercover. He recreates imagery narratives, accomplices of memories and actions, in an illusory terrain where the film, performance and time come together denuding all the unseen stories which cannot be expressed by words. These issues involve a rejection of mediums to redefine the notion of ego of the author.

The artist as a third person. The artist as a narrator with his body stuck in his own diary. A person who follows stories.


Fábio de Carvalho (born in 1992, Évora, Portugal) lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, finished a MA in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art. He studied Visual Arts at University of Évora (2015, Portugal) and Film Director at Restart (2016, Lisbon, Portugal). He attended the workshop of Cinema – Film Super 8 and 16mm at Súbita Association (2017, Lisbon, Portugal) and was resident at Oficinas do Convento (2015, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal).

Fábio has worked on projects with: Sofar Sounds Lisbon, Festival Temps d’Images, ILGA Portugal, Misty Fest, Behance Portfolio Reviews, Fundação Eugénio de Almeida and Companhia de Triana.

He has exhibited with Ruskin Gallery (2018, Cambridge), PAGES Artist’s Book Fair (2018, London), Gallerie 9 (2017, Cambridge), MAAT – Museum of Arte, Architecture and Technology (2017, Portugal), Festival Condomínio (2017, Portugal), T10 Gallery (2016, Portugal) and Sociedade Harmonia Eborense (2015, Portugal). Co-creator of the T10 Gallery (2014) at University of Évora, Portugal and developed a collective project of vjing and video mapping Dejavú (2014 – 2015). In 2017 he was selected for FUSO (Annual Festival of Video Art at Lisbon, Portugal).