Fora de Tempo2017

Isis, Goddess of fertility and maternal love, constantly affirmed: “I was born of myself, I came from no one”. Independent woman of great power and influence, decides to disregard men and recommend all women to create emotional ties with objects. Immediately, all of them fell in love by daily utensils but Isis, can not find the charm that she was expecting.

Téo, Supreme God, annoyed of Isis contradicting his rules, decided to introduce a painter with hope that she will fall in love for him. Isis knows the painter but she does not allow to be enchanted by his seduction game. Later, after the painter finishing a painting, he decided to show it to Isis. She knew the image for the first time and felt in love immediately.
 Fora de Tempo is a representation of Isis searching the perfection of this union and love between her and image.

Exhibition at Murze Summer Film Festival, London, UK, 2019
Video Art, Full HD, 06:39", Colour, Stereo