In the first year of his life, Adam created a portal in an attempt to bring some company out of that black hole which he could not see. For years, the portal never worked and Adam, alone, seemed desperate to spend so much time isolated in the darkness of that eternal night which would not let him sleep.

The emotional exhaustion was driving Adam to madness and he was almost gone. Falling into a deep sleep, the portal had began to turn into a clear and bright cloud.

24 encrypted codes appeared around the portal but Adam never woke up. He never solved the riddle and his company never arrived.
 So now, it is time to solve this problem. With the audience seated and the portal waiting to be connected, the analysis begins and I feel that it will be finally, the right time to rescue Adam and put an end in this haze that hangs over us.

Exhibition at Fuso - Festival Anual de Vídeo Arte International de Lisboa, PT, 2017 & Exhibition at Murze Summer Film Festival, London, UK, 2019
Video Art, Full HD, 03:04", Colour, Stereo